To love the world as God loves us.

Biblical Foundation:
Jesus says, “’This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.’” John 15:12


We are a People of God defined by “AGAPE” a Greek word for unconditional, sacrificial love.

Biblical Foundation:
John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”


A–Advancing God’s Kingdom

Mission: We seek God’s Kingdom first in our lives, church, community and world through partnership strategies which result in individual and community transformation.
Biblical Foundations: • Matthew 6:33 • Acts 1:8 • Micah 6:8 • Luke 4:18-19

G–Growing Disciples

Discipleship: We passionately seek to be formed into the image of Jesus for the sake of the world.
Biblical Foundations: • Matthew 22:37-39 • Mark 1:17 • Psalms 119:105

A–All Inclusive, Intentional Worship

Worship: We value inclusive, intentional, creative worship that exalts God with awe and wonder, celebrates Jesus with joy and thanksgiving, and submits to the Holy Spirit in reverence and humility.
Biblical Foundations: • Galatians 3:28 • Psalm 150 • Matthew 18:20

P–Praying, Spirit Led Family of Followers

Community: We seek first to be a people of prayer and spiritual discernment who live in unity with God’s purposes.
Biblical Foundations: • Philippians 4:6-7 • Luke 11:1 • John 16:13 • Galatians 5:25

E–Extending God’s Grace

Worth: As we are all called to be good stewards of God’s incredible gift to us, we value the divine uniqueness and giftedness of each individual from newest infant to the oldest adult, blessing both men and women in positions of leadership and ministry.
Biblical Foundations: • 1 Peter 4:10 • Galatians 2:21 • John 13:35


Missional Outreach
In 2018 FBC Cornelia will be known in our community, state and beyond as a leader in missional outreach, not because of all the missions activities and opportunities that our church does or supports (even though there are plenty), but because “mission” is at the heart of who we are. As we strive to “love the world, the way God loves us“, missions is embedded in all we do. Every member of our church family is immersed in a comprehensive missions education program for all age groups. This program is embedded in small group and traditional Sunday School curriculum, children’s Sunday school, youth group teaching, sermons, and other discipleship training. It is apparent to everyone who knows anything about FBC that missions is not something we do, it is who we are.
While we continue to partner with large denominational organizations like SBC and CBF, FBC has developed other partnerships with local, state, national and international organizations involved in Kingdom work. There is a culture at FBC which encourages and empowers individuals and groups to find where God is calling them to use their individual gifts and talents to “love the world” and to support them as they pursue that call. There is an administrative and funding structure in place to facilitate a high level of individual participation in the act of “loving the world…” The church budget has been structured in a way to provide a unified missions offering with the Missions Council empowered (and trusted) to administer funding for these varied ministries and projects. New ideas can be funded through a Missions Grant process, and longer term funding is guided by the vision provided by the Missions Council and supported by the church. We are constantly assessing and evaluating the results of our mission involvement in order to be the best stewards of our money, time and human resources.

Growing disciples
Over the past 4 years our church has gone from walking by faith to now living by faith. In all that we do, discipleship is everything.
We have established a core group of discipleship leaders who guide others in finding and understanding their spiritual walk. This group is diverse in age and background, but all have a common goal of building spiritual champions for Christ. The individuals in this group are lead mentors who work together to identify materials and opportunities that are useful to other mentors in FBC’s disciple development program: “The Journey”.
Our focus has gone beyond the sanctuary and the Sunday school room: we’re looking at the heart. This one-on-one environment is impacting small groups and how we worship. Looking at individual spiritual growth is changing the focus of small groups by giving them a more missional purpose. Representatives from small groups are given opportunities to share their stories with the congregation during worship time. These stories create an atmosphere of “walking” together.
We are all on a journey to grow closer to Christ, to mirror His actions and attitudes, to become His disciples. Some are only explorers searching for who He is, while others are pioneers in the faith. No matter where we are, we all must move forward, and the walk starts with one step.

From the moment people drive into the parking lot of First Baptist Church of Cornelia until the time they leave, our focus and prayer is that they will meet God in a life-changing way. Believers at FBC Cornelia seek God through meaningful and creative worship that meets people where they are and draws them to Him.
God’s Word is proclaimed and emphasized through all preaching and worship. We respond with prayer, thanksgiving and praise, as we are commissioned to serve and worship God in our daily lives.
Our worship services are not categorized as traditional, contemporary or blended because our worship style is intended to engage people of all ages to worship our Almighty God in a sincere and humble way. This is accomplished by praising God in our beautiful sanctuary with variety in music through vocal and instrumental offerings, dramas, interpretive movement and artistic visual displays. Believers share words of encouragement and faith stories to testify how God is working in their lives through ministry opportunities and daily living.
While we enter to worship, we depart to serve. Our worship honors God and calls us to “love the world as God loves us.”

Organization Initiative
In 2018, First Baptist Church, Cornelia’s organizing documents and structure will reflect the evolving nature as it seeks to love the world as God loves us. Deacon ministry will flourish with renewed passion for its purpose and ministry in the church and community. Committees and ministry teams will provide opportunities for the whole church to participate in the administration and ministry of the church. A Church Manual will manage the everyday policies, procedures and workings of the church. A church Bylaws will provide the boundaries and guidelines for the church. A church constitution will establish the purpose and ministry of the church.