Sacred Partnership


At First Baptist Cornelia we consider church membership a sacred partnership. As Sacred Partners we recognize the Spirit of God working among us as individuals and as a community Believers (sacred). As the same time, as Sacred Partners we join together as the People of God for God’s common mission (partnership). We are sacred partners in God’s Kingdom.

Individuals commit to join this Sacred Partnership in one of several ways:

• Profession of Faith and Baptism: An individual makes a public profession of his/her faith in Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and is baptized.

• Reaffirmation of Faith and Baptism: An individual reaffirms a previous profession of faith in Jesus Christ and requests baptism.

• Church Letter: An individual requests their church membership be transferred from another church of like faith and order.

• Statement of Profession of Faith: An individual acknowledges a previous profession of faith and believer’s Baptism.

First Baptist Cornelia receives sacred partners into the life of the church each Sunday. A remnant of our revivalist past, we offer an Invitation each Sunday during the last hymn of the worship service for individuals who desire membership, baptism or prayer. Our pastor stands down front to welcome anyone who feels the movement of the Spirit that day. Once the hymn of invitation begins, simply walk down the aisle to the front and speak to the pastor. He or she will pray with you and invite the congregation to welcome you into the life of the church.


• Sacred Partnership identifies that a person has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

• The New Testament places a major emphasis on the need for Christians to be accountable to each other for spiritual growth. Being committed to a church family helps you be accountable for your spiritual health.

• We should follow the example of Christ. Christ is committed to the church.