In Our Church


Faith Quilters Enjoy Fellowship for a Common Cause

On a visit to Room 219, home to the Faith Quilters Ministry, a group of women were busy stitching fabric squares into beautiful pieces of folk art. They discussed daily life to the rhythm of a sewing needle punching through fabric, pausing to sign a card for a sick member or to survey their handiwork. When asked what she enjoys most about this group, Patsy Vaughn explained,
“I guess just knowing where the quilts go, but I think the fellowship is important too. I think it is a good ladies’ ministry.”

They don’t get too attached to their quilts, because each one is donated to children in crisis situations. Some are donated to Family Resource Center while others go to Faith’s Power House, a ministry which provides free and confidential services for individuals and family members affected by child abuse. The quilts are made small to fit a child or teen. Children can wrap up in the cozy quilts while they attend counseling sessions. They keep a few quilts on hand in case they hear of a baby or child in the hospital. The quilts have found their way to Italy, Russia and Australia. Each bears the label of the Faith Quilters Ministry which reads, “This quilt was stitched with love and prayer that God will keep you in His care.”

Patsy leads this dedicated group along with Freida Whatley. Both Patsy and Freida are willing instructors, but all admit, “We help each other.”

Some of the finished quilts are simple designs of patchwork squares while others feature more elaborate stitched patterns. Each quilter can be creative in her individual design.

“It depends on the mood you are in,” said Patsy.

“It depends on how savvy you are at doing it,” quipped Kathy Crowe. Although Kathy had never quilted before joining the group, she had always sewn, making her own clothes in high school. Beverly Sterghos, however, was a novice when she joined the group. She says all the ladies were good teachers.

“They’re family,” said Beverly. “It (quilting) relaxes me.”