AGAPE Classes

AGAPE Classes

AGAPE Classes are the foundation of the Sacred Partnership at First Baptist Cornelia. This set of two classes establishes a common language and vision for discipleship and mission. These two classes are offered in the fall and spring. We encourage everyone interested in joining First Baptist Cornelia to take these two classes either before or after they join.

Agape 101: Formed in Love

The class offers a relaxed, discussion based learning opportunity to build a foundation of discipleship each sacred partner’s life. During Agape 101, we will:

  •  Share our personal stories and experiences with each other.
  •  Take a spiritual inventory of our lives.
  •  Discuss the 10 key beliefs, 10 key practices, and 10 key virtues of the Christian faith.
  •  Be introduced to Discipleship Coaches who are available for coaching individuals deeper in their faith.

AGAPE 102:  Sent on Mission

This class invites sacred partners to consider their spiritual giftedness and how God is calling them to love the world as God loves us.  During Agape 102, we will:

  • Assess our individual temperaments, personal interests and our spiritual gifts to determine the best way to serve in and through First Baptist Cornelia.
  • Learn about the many missions and ministries at First Baptist Cornelia and meet their leaders.
  • Connect our unique passion and talents in service to God’s Kingdom.