Worship at FBC

Worship services at FBC Cornelia are not categorized as traditional, contemporary, or blended. Our worship style is intended to engage people of all ages to worship our Almighty God in a sincere and humble way.  This is accomplished by praising God in our beautiful sanctuary with variety in music through vocal and instrumental offerings, dramas, interpretive movement and artistic visual displays.  Believers share words of encouragement and faith stories to testify how God is working in their lives through ministry opportunities and daily living.

While we enter to worship, we depart to serve.
Our worship honors God and calls us to
“love the world as God loves us.”

Our Sanctuary Choir is a group of faithful and dedicated singers who enjoy sharing their musical gifts to lead music in worship every week.  We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7:30 – 8:30 pm, in the music suite and have a great time of music-making and fellowship.  Anyone wishing to sing in the Sanctuary Choir is welcome to join us as we offer our praise through music.

The Worship Design Team at FBC is a creative group of church members who work closely with our ministerial staff to assist in worship planning.  At FBC Cornelia, we offer our praise to God in many ways including music, drama, dance, scripture readings, prayers, visual displays, sermons, and even fellowship. Our church traditionally engages is special worship services during the year including Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Hanging of the Green.  Seasons of Lent and Advent bring opportunities for us to worship in fresh and creative ways.  These services, among others, are meaningful and moving experiences for our worshipers. It is our desire for worship be a true reflection of our spirit-filled hearts praising our Awesome God who is worthy of our praise!